CPIM Part 2 - Weekday Evening- Metro Area 13 Wk

March 14, 2018
5:00 PM MDT to 8:00 PM MDT
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CPIM Part 2 - New Format v6.0

Combined SMR, MPR, DSP & ECO modules = Part 2 - Weekday Evening Format 13 Wks - Metro Area 


  CPIM with online study tools

Part 2 with a traditional weekday evening format to prepare participants for CPIM Part 2 exam.  This class includes  what was previously 4 modules now combined into 1 course. The class will run from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM one weekday evening for 13 consecutive weeks.

Through the CPIM preparation and exam process, you will gain knowledge, learn skills and best practices required to execute, control and improve internal operations within the four walls of your company.

• Increase your functional knowledge of production and inventory management

• Maximize ROI on the systems and technologies within your organization

• Master the tools you need to effectively improve internal operations

• Gain knowledge to apply principles of ERP software to cover various critical functions within your organization

Increase customer satisfaction by delivering Lean/Just-in-Time products and services Earning the designation demonstrates a solid understanding of the CPIM body of knowledge which covers five areas delivered in TWO modules starting late 2017.

CPIM Part 2 - Required to earn CPIM

• Strategic Management of Resources

• Master Planning of Resources

• Detailed Scheduling and Planning

• Execution and Control of Operations


  • One comprehensive system to prepare you for CPIM certification.
  • Streamlined content with targeted learning tools and practice questions.
  • Customized study plan to identify and focus on topics that need review.
  • Practical knowledge and skills to benefit your career and your employer immediately

You have 3 years to complete both Part 1 and part 2 exams to earn your CPIM.

Course materials include the CPIM Learning System, Exam Content Manual, Exam, and Primary Reference Textbook, free supplemental materials including The Fresh Connection simulation tool & access to the CPIM online study tools.

Final class details will be emailed just prior the start date with location specifics etc.

Contact VSM.CPIM@apicsnoco.org for more details and latest class schedule update.

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$2,495.00 CPIM Part 2 Member - All Inclusive
$2,545.00 after 5:00 pm March 7

$2,495.00 CPIM Part 2 NonMember - All Inclusive (includes membership)
$2,545.00 after 5:00 pm March 7


APICS CPIM ECM, Exam Content Manual