Congratulations! 18 New Certified Lean Masters

The world has 18 more graduates from the Certified Lean Master program.

Course participants learned how to lead a lean transformation and put their newly gained knowledge to work on lean projects for their organizations.

These projects created outstanding results for their respective organizations and, coupled with passing the exam, the participants have earned their designation as Certified Lean Masters.

“Out of all the continuing education classes I have attended, this was by far the most fun and applicable to my business. Not only did I learn a lot, but I truly enjoyed coming to class.” – Erica Easter, VP of Operations, Easter-Owens

“The Certified Lean Master program offered a variety of experiences and knowledge to enrich my skillset. Coming from a financial background, I was impressed with the ability to implement traditional supply chain ideologies into the financial services industry. The course embraced the mindset to think differently and continuously improve. A must for anyone looking to improve their organization!” – Nicholas G. Zawacki, CLM, CSM, Process Improvement Manager, Cabela’s CLUB

Congratulations to the following:

  • Andre Geertsema – Lexmark International
  • Becky Edgren – Cabela’s
  • Brandon Beard – Spectra Logic
  • Brandon R. Barnes – Cabela’s
  • Brent Sagehorn – Cabela’s CLUB
  • Chin Dawa – Lexmark International
  • Christopher Adamson – Cabela’s
  • Courtney Yager – Lexmark International
  • Dessiree Esparza Luna – Lexmark International
  • Erica Sue Easter – Easter-Owens
  • Jared Sanchez – Easter-Owens
  • Julie Anne Matthews – Cabela’s
  • Justin Wright – Aqua-Hot
  • Kris K. Schmidt – Allied Concessions Group
  • Mandi Lytle – Cabela’s
  • Matthew Renquist – Cabela’s
  • Nicholas G. Zawacki – Cabela’s CLUB
  • Richard J. Hooks – Lexmark International

“The great thing about the CLM program is how you begin learning tools that can be used from day one. After each class, I felt I had learned tangible skills I could implement immediately into my projects.” – Matthew Renquist, Process Improvement Analyst II, Cabela’s

Should you be next?

If you would like to benefit by continuing your education and become a lean leader in your organization, the Certified Lean Master program is sure to supply you with the best practices and emerging trends that will set you apart as a professional.

Many projects have helped participating organizations reduce costs in the range of 50K to 100K. Other projects have improved service and increased revenue.

See our calendar for the next Certified Lean Master class...