Event Recap of Our Stay Connected Event at Medtronic


Event Recap for APICS NoCo's Stay Connected Event at Medtronic

Written by Brandan Greeley, APICS NoCo Events Team

APICS NoCo hosted a stellar event at Medtronic in Boulder. We started off the tour with a general overview of the lifesaving products made in Boulder. We then headed out onto the production floor to see where all of the magic happens.


Tour guides Andrew Schneider, Vijay Ram, Scott Robinson, Chris Ringwald, Van Huynh, and Brandan Greeley took us through the plant. They explained their COS (Cell Operating System) implementation that is currently underway, high volume production strategies, and displaying how Medtronic makes some of the best products in the industry.

It was really incredible to learn how the conversion to COS has yielded impressive quality results. On their current COS line they have had 100% First Pass Yield since go-live.

Medtronic in Boulder makes energy devices typically used in tissue and vessel sealing as well as electrosurgical products and generators. The team at Medtronic displays passion, expertise, and a drive for success. We are looking forward to the upcoming Stay Connected event at Springs Fab ATG in Denver.

We then headed over to Finkel & Garf brewing for beers and pizza. What a large group of fantastic people! Thank you everyone for attending.


Our Interview with Medtronic

Does your facility employ Lean techniques and how hard was that for your company to implement?

Yes we are on a constant lean journey, some areas are more simple than others but overall it is a focus for our organization to work on continuous improvement and lean concepts are a big portion of that.


Does your company have more of a focus on productivity or quality?

We have a hierarchy of values that go 1. Safety, 2. Quality, 3. Delivery, 4. Cost. In that order, we try to make all decisions based on those different tiers of values. All of those include focus on the patient, end user and our employees.

What message would you want to give someone who might be considering lean management for the first time in their organization?

We were able to create over a 15% increase in output on a legacy high volume line utilizing lean concepts!

Join us at our next Stay Connected event. See what's upcoming here!