Congratulations to Recent Certified Supply Chain Analysts at CSU


Written by Gary Wickett, APICS NoCo

APICS Northern Colorado would like to recognize 12 supply chain students at Colorado State University who recently passed the Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA) Exam.

This is an internationally recognized certification offered by the International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA) which demonstrates an understanding of the basics of supply chain operations.

Congratulations to the following students: Quinton Barrientos, Scott Brewster, William Chase, Douglas Gaillard, Quinn Hougen, Ben Madrick, Blake O'Grady, Elizabeth Bohannon Pea, Rebecca Cohen Perez, Calvin Spond, Catherine Svendson and Jake Thomas.

Learn more about their program at

Supply Chain Areas Covered in the CSCA Workshop & Exam:

Session-01: Supply Chain Overview

Session-02: Strategy

Session-03: Framework for Discussion

Session-04: Fundamental Issues

Session-05: Aggregate Planning

Session-06: Role of Inventory in the Supply Chain

Session-07: Material Requirement Planning

Session-08: Sourcing

Session-09: Purchasing

Session-10: Manufacturing

Session-11: Transportation

Session-13: Sales Order Fulfillment

Session-14: Lean and Continuous Improvement Tools

Session-15: Sustainability

Session-16: Team Dynamics


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