APICS NoCo’s Recap of February’s Stay Connected Tour & Happy Hour


APICS NoCo’s Recap of February’s Stay Connected Tour & Happy Hour

APICS NoCo took a tour of NTS Technical in February and it was spectacular. We got the opportunity to not only check out their EMI testing lab in East Longmont but were able to head into town to take a tour of their environmental testing lab as well. Tour guides Pat Conway, Pat Schroepfer and Marie Oster schooled the APICS NOCO crew on the basics of EMI testing and how they used different calibrated rooms in order to help customers design and test products all through the product lifecycle. They were involved in a plethora of industries and their testing capabilities encompassed almost anything you could think of from as small or as big as you can imagine. Electromagnetic interference testing has really come a long way from the days of running everything out in the middle of a field or up in the mountains where there was relatively little interference.


After asking lots of questions and getting a better understanding of the EMI business we headed over to their environmental testing lab where we saw everything from extreme weather testing, to shake, rattle and roll (transportation) testing. Their facility in the old Storage Tech building was a blast from the past for a few of our members that had worked there before. The teams hospitality and knowledge of their business was 2nd to none, the amount of capabilities they have for testing all different types of products was pretty impressive.


A hop skip and a jump down the road was the local watering hole known as Oscar Blues Brewery where we went to celebrate a very successful tour! Thanks to everyone who came and we are looking forward to this next month’s tour.


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