Stay Connected June Recap of Cargill Metals Tour


APICS NoCo toured Cargill Metals in June and we were blown away by their dedication to safety, persistence on continuous improvement, and a go-getter mentality. They empower everyone in their facility to make changes, try new ideas, and improve the culture.

cargill tour

It was one of the cleanest manufacturing facilities we have toured and the care they put into every aspect of the facility showed.

cargill tour

cargill tour

This is a newer Cargill Metals facility and they have already been making waves internally. They've shown how they can challenge the status quo and improve production outputs, reduce waste, and even save on electricity.

cargill tour

cargill tour

cargill tour

It was a phenomenal tour with an excellent group of people, not to mention some delicious beers at High Hops Brewery in Windsor. We are all looking forward to the coming tour at Woodward in Fort Collins.


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Check out our interview with Cargill for some insight into their process...

Company Info for Cargill Inc:

165,000 ee worldwide
60+ different countries
9 platforms (w. 3-7 BU’s Per)
ETM Platform
Metals BU
7 sites - Windsor is newest built roughly 18 months ago, operation for 14 months
12-14-person operation

Does your facility employ Lean techniques and how hard was it to implement?

    • We have started our 5S program, with one are complete.  

      • Currently have 3 more events planned for the next quarter

        • Coil, BOL, Op Platform

      • Implementation was a success due to small 1st project that was led by 2 green belts but timing was off.  Just completed build and ramped up production so most of the inexperienced team members were not involved.

      • BU is still one year out from implementing as a team but we are trying to take certain steps today to be prepared.

    • Implement PDT

      • This allows us to analyze data to make decisions on where to focus our energy for improvements

    • Implement Shipping Database

      • Oli

    • Implemented WO system, Spare parts inventory system, BOM spread of machine

      • This eliminated the searching of parts which = downtime

      • Allows us to never get caught w/o parts or tooling

      • Helps us easily identify the correct part, supplier and lead times

What is the difference between yours and the production systems run by your competitors?

    • We are very archaic based

    • Current production systems used

      • Stelplan

      • Excel

      • Clipboards

      • Different Database

    • Future state we will be moving into SAP

Does your company have more of a focus on productivity or quality?

    • We are 100% quality based running operation.  We strive to meet customers requested quality while meeting full production capabilities by:

      • RCA when we have deficiencies or DT in all departments

      • Meet and understand exactly what needs our customers have, so we can then produce the quality desired.

      • Follow up on an annual basis with customers on positive & constructive feedback.

      • Continually look at technology that can help improve our process to allow the different departments to focus in on continuous improvement.

The value leadership has seen from the small amount of lean techniques applied in Windsor has improved:

    • Customer Relations from sales – production – shop

    • Improved production times w/ reduction in DT

    • Improved shipping times and faster turnaround on corrective actions

And thank you to our fabulous APICS NoCo board members for organizing this event!

–Written by Brandan Greeley & Megg Sohn, APICS NoCo Events Team