APICS NoCo June Newsletter & May's Stay Connected Recap




Recap of May's Stay Connected: Partner Event with Institute for Supply Management

For our May Stay Connected event, APICS NoCo teamed up with our partner organization, ISM, at the Aquarium in Denver for an excellent presentation on new trends in logistics. Overall, it was an excellent event with lots of great ISM and APICS people attending. We are looking forward to connecting with them for some events in the future and getting more acquainted with the ISM group!...

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Volunteer Spotlight: Welcome Sue McCullough to Our Leadership Team

We would like to take a moment to introduce a new volunteer to the APICS NoCo team. 
This person has extensive experience supporting automotive manufacturing and now, in Colorado, has experience managing hundreds of volunteers for a local organization. Sue has offered to support the APICS NoCo chapter in improving our customer/membership relationship functions, helping to better identify member and customer needs, and work on aligning our programs and processes to those needs. Sue will be joining the team as Vice President of Customer Relations as we seat the new leadership team for the coming year 2016-2017. Please welcome Sue McCullough to the team and be sure to attend the Stay Connected events to meet Sue and other members of the NoCo BoD. Stay tuned for more news in June as we seat the leadership team for the coming year.

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Improving Your Import Lead Time

What percentage of your foreign sourced orders, shipped by ocean carrier, arrive at your warehouse within two days of your original plan window?
 In supply chain language, this difference between actual vs. planned is referred to as “variance.” The answer I get from most of the leaders at organizations sourcing overseas is pretty bleak. It is often accompanied by a facial expression of frustration and exasperation...

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Strategies for Networking Events

Our partner, Ajilon Professional Staffing, has a variety of ideas for improving your networking. While networking cannot replace solid relationships that are built over time, it is an effective way to begin those relationships. With each new person you meet, your network expands to include their contacts as well. And, since most of us tend to prefer doing business with people we know, being introduced to a new contact by someone in your network is a great way to grow your client base or secure a new job. Referrals are the lifeblood of most businesses – and networking is a key strategy for expanding your contact base, regardless of what your goal is...

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