APICS NoCo Accomplishments – Newly Certified Professionals 2016

APICS NoCo Accomplishments – Newly Certified Professionals 2016

Written by Bob Forshay, COO at APICS NoCo

It is with great pleasure I bring you the latest crop of newly certified supply chain and operations professionals. Each has made significant commitment to their career and to the companies they work for. Each has invested personal time to apply for professional certification, prepared themselves for the APICS exams and now has earned the right to add CPIM or CSCP to their title and business cards.

Learn more about the CPIM program here.

Having completed the CPIM program, Certified Production Inventory Management candidates successfully passed all 5 CPIM exams. 

CPIM candidates have a better than average grasp of many different key areas of business including:

  • Demand Management – Forecasting – Customer Relationship Management.
  • Sales & Operations Planning, Production Planning and Master Scheduling for strategic alignment of the customer requirement and the supply chains and processes.
  • Capacity & Resource Planning and Management for various manufacturing and service environments.
  • MRP, Materials Requirements Planning and CRP, Capacity Requirements Planning, Detailed project scheduling, work center scheduling and project management.
  • Manufacturing and Service organization operational functions, requirements and metrics.
  • Inventory Controls and Management Strategies.
  • Cost Management through LEAN best practices.
  • Quality, LEAN, TOC, 6-Sigma and Continuous Process Improvement techniques.
  • Strategic Positioning of inventory to maximize service while managing costs.
  • Shop Floor Control, Push vs. Pull, matching the capability to the customer need.
  • Distribution Networks and factors influencing network designs.
  • Transportation and Logistics Planning and considerations.
  • Warehouse and Product Data Management, Configuration Management and Change Control.

Most operations people learn a little about their specific job roles having “grown” into it but with no exposure to the upstream, downstream and overall strategic business drivers that affect all our business decisions. CPIM enables the professional practitioner to make better decisions that make for leaders able to drive sustainable, long term growth and performance for their work and employers. Real ROI!

CPIM title is now awarded to: 

  • Mike Sinner – Denver CO
  • Patricia Sinner – Denver CO
  • Lisa Carney – Boulder CO
  • Daniel Young – Boulder CO
  • Sue McCullough – Boulder CO
  • Eric Juzysta – Boulder CO


Learn more about the CSCP program here.

Having completed the CSCP program, Certified Supply Chain Professional candidates have completed prerequisites for CSCP including CPIM or degree program or equivalent work experience plus significant additional study and the CSCP exam, a comprehensive test to validate understanding of Global Supply and Demand issues, Off-shore Manufacturing, Outsourcing, Quality Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Global Sourcing strategies, Global Transportation issues, International fair trade for business affected by human rights, fair trade, sustainable business process as well as environmental awareness for economy and society. CSCP candidates have a leadership perspective of how to optimize the business by leveraging supply chain partnerships, collaboration and strategic alignment across business units to maximize profitability.

CSCP study and preparation is comprehensive study including:

  • Supply Chain Design
  • Developing the Supply Chain Strategy
  • Design the Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Planning & Execution
  • Procure and Deliver Goods and Services
  • Manage the Relationship with Supply Chain Partners
  • Manage Forward & Reverse Logistics
  • Supply Chain Improvements and best practices
  • Comply with Standards, Regulations, and Sustainable Best Practices
  • Manage Risk in the Supply Chain
  • Measure, Analyze, and Improve the Supply Chain

CSCP candidates have taken their skill sets to an industry high bar now recognized by supply chain leaders around the globe as the top program available from APICS, the world leader in supply chain and operations management education and certification programs.

CSCP title is now awarded to:

  • Kevin Roepe – Boulder CO
  • Nick Jensen – Boulder CO
  • Ben Merkel – Broomfield CO
  • Heather Shoffner – Lyons CO
  • Kip Meister – Ft Collins CO
  • Michael Traxler – Boulder CO
  • James Migliano – Denver CO
  • Dane Mattern – Ft Collins CO


As COO and Master Instructor of the APICS NoCo chapter in Colorado, I congratulate these folks (and those still working hard on their own certification programs) on achieving this milestone with distinction. We applaud these candidates and their employers for recognizing the value of certification to drive performance.


Written by Bob Forshay, VP at Transformance Advisors
COO & Value Stream Manager for CPIM at APICS NoCo

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