An Excellent Tour at April's Stay Connected Event at Industrial Battery Service

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APICS NoCo had an excellent tour of Industrial Battery Service in Denver this past week.

They are taking batteries to the next level! Our tour guides Dave Antikainen, the founder of the company, Rick Jorgenson, IBS Plus Shop Manager, and Gary Somenek, IBS Plus Shop Sales Manager, gave us an in-depth look at battery repair and what it takes to keep many companies in the Western US up and running on battery power. 

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There is no battery too small or big for these guys. They repair everything from tiny batteries for hearing-aids all the way up to huge forklift batteries and bigger. We learned about what can harm the batteries and how important the type of charger can be to the life of your batteries.

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One thing we all agreed on is how little we knew about batteries until we went to the experts to get a crash course. If ever you run into a dead battery, before you throw it away, give Industrial Battery Service a call and if, it's repairable, they can fix it!

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See our calendar here for the next Stay Connected event and join us for the education as well as the fun!