SVI Trucks Put On a Spectacular Tour for Our APICS NOCO Crew...

SVI Trucks put on a spectacular tour for our APICS NOCO crew during our February Stay Connected Event. They produce custom rescue engines, industrial fans and high powered lamps that are used on the trucks along with many other applications.

Our tour guide, Bob Sorenson the VP of SVI Trucks, gave us a tour through the entire facility where we got the opportunity to play on some fire trucks, check out their machine shop, shuffle through the dust of their foundry, and see their monster paint booth in action.

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They were utilizing vertical integration to the max and recycling even their soda cans in the foundry to save on materials. They also showed off some visual workplace management best practices that they have found make a huge difference in organizing their facility.

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It was quite the privilege to tour around a facility that would put any person right back to their childhood dreams climbing around on massive trucks and seeing huge machines at work. Following the event we stopped by Fort Collins Brewery for some appetizers, local brews and getting to know some new people.

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Thanks to all of you who came and we are looking forward to our next tour of Industrial Battery Service on April 14 in Denver.

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And thank you to our fabulous APICS NoCo board members for organizing this event!

–Written by Megg Sohn & Brandan Greeley, APICS NoCo Events Team