January's Stay Connected Event Recap at Carefree of Colorado

Carefree of Colorado was an excellent tour of a company driving excellence in every aspect of their manufacturing process. They are utilizing lean principles to drive this organization to the next level. Our tour guide Chris Hughes was filled with excellent process information and a vision for the future that is going to set Carefree apart in the market place. They invited us back next year to check in on all of the positive changes they have planned!

Check out our interview with Chris Hughes, the Receiving/Warehouse Manager at Carefree for some insight into their process...

Does your facility employ Lean techniques and how hard was that for your company to implement?

Yes. Implementation and sustainability has been a challenge due to sales volume and the introduction of new products.

How has your Lean management system bridged the gap between your organization and your customers?

Our processes for planning, supply, production and delivery have all benefited from Lean management. Our customers reap the benefits by receiving product on time with reduced quality issues.

Does your company have more of a focus on productivity or quality?

Quality and safety are our first priorities for the company. Productivity comes in very close behind, as high demand continues to come in from existing and new customers.

What value has your company leadership seen as a result of your lean management techniques?

Improvements in inventory control, production quality, and total output of finished goods.

What message would you want to give someone who might be considering lean management for the first time in their organization?

Take it slowly. Lean can be difficult to implement when it’s something new to an organization. Use lean techniques to get some quick wins to showcase to the organization the benefits of lean management. Be sure to present the tools used to obtain the quick wins, as well as keeping it simple enough for all in the organization to understand what drives the projects and how to reach the desired outcome. The support and participation from all departments within the company is the key to creating and maintaining a Lean environment.

Our happy hour was fantastic! Good food, cold beer and new friends, what more could you ask for?

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