Oskar Blues Hosts APICS NoCo at June's Stay Connected Event

An unexpected downpour couldn't stop us, we had a great turnout for the June Stay Connected event at Oskar Blues Brewery!

Oskar Blues became the first US craft brewer to can its own beer in 2002, starting with their flagship beer Dale’s Pale Ale.

The original brewery spans 30 thousand square feet plus a newly acquired building next door which doubles the space and holds most of their grain for storage.











Keg line fills and cleans 70 kegs an hour

Oskar Blues sells to distributors which then sell to bars and stores. They are currently in 37 states through the US.

Part of the canning machine! They have a new keg line that is faster (300 cans a minute) and all automated. Staff used to do part of canning by hand until about 4 months ago.

Why do they use cans and not bottles?  Cans are more portable, they protect the beer better by not allowing light in and they recycle easier than glass!

After the tour we went over the the Oskar Blues Restaurant for some apps, beers, conversation and a little live music!

Missed this tour? Stay tuned for the next one.

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