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OnLine Courses on Supply Chain Management

“Listening to our membership and our corporate partners, I am pleased to announce that APICS NOCO has developed two new online courses in Supply Chain Management. The online Supply Chain Management classes provide an excellent introduction to the best practices of Supply Chain Management. This program is a great professional development tool for production supervisors, customer service representatives, project managers, warehousing supervisors, and purchasing professionals. Our new online Supply Chain Management courses enhance our current certification programs and allows APICS NOCO to offer a wide range of programs that benefit multiple disciplines in operations and supply chain management.” - Tom Villiers, CEO for APICS Northern Colorado

Comprehensive Online Supply Chain Management Course

APICS NOCO and Transformance Advisors are teaming up to provide this new comprehensive online supply chain management program. This program includes two separate courses that, when combined, will arm you, or your entire team, with the knowledge required to work more effectively with customers, suppliers, and coworkers. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Those just getting started in the field of supply chain management.

  • Those with experience seeking to learn about standard best practices.

  • Anyone that comes into contact with customers or suppliers.

  • Anyone that impacts the flow of materials or information.

  • Those that will be part of improvement initiatives such as creating a lean supply chain or implementing an ERP system.

Both courses include audio visual presentations, exercises, quizzes and a final exam. When completed, participants will receive a certificate of completion.


Supply Chain Management, Part 1

Price for Members is $195.00

Price for Non-members is $245.00

This online, on-demand course explores:

  • Supply Chain Elements
  • Demand Management

  • Inventory Planning

  • Supply Management

  • Planning Techniques

For more information: Supply Chain Management, Part 1


Supply Chain Management, Part 2

Price for Members is $195.00

Price for Non-members is $245.00

Available Sept 15, 2012

This online, on-demand course explores:

  • Manufacturing
  • Services

  • Logistics

  • Supporting Processes

  • Improvement Programs

For more information: Supply Chain Management, Part 2

 "This comprehensive course provides high quality audio video presentations with the knowledge you need. It includes quizzes and exams to validate your learning and homework assignments that get you started with your own program for improving Supply Chain Management at your organization." - Mike Sheahan, VP at Transformance Advisors and Past President of APICS - The Association for Operations Management.

 Optional: Participants have the option to take the Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA) exam after completing these two courses. This certification program provides individuals with recognition as a professional ready to work effectively with customers, suppliers, and coworkers.

Click here to receive more information about the CSCA exam