The Fresh Connection - Dynamic Supply Chain Simulation

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                      Bas van Damme, Manufacturing Manager in Bergen op Zoom
We've all seen how unilateral decision making or lack of integrated planning generates less than optimal results.  Now you can test your skill or better yet the whole team.
The Fresh Connection provides a real world dynamic simulation environment to learn about improving the supply chain.  Endorsed by MIT and a host of global firms who have experienced this tool, The Fresh Connection takes you and your team through up to 9 levels of SCM complexity.
This tool can be a competition or a training tool or both.  Where else can you implement specific management decisions and compare realistic outcomes with direct impacts to your Fresh Connection ROI for the team?
Having started with one factory in Kruiningen in 1985, LambWeston now has six factories across Europe, which all introduced Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) a year ago. “ At first, consultation between sales and operations would take place by the coffee machine,” recalls John Wiskerke, Director Raw & Supply Chain at LambWeston.
“The company’s rapid growth has made it increasingly difficult to maintain an overview of the entire chain, so we’ve had to formalise procedures.”
LambWeston’s senior management from across the whole of Europe spent an afternoon playing The Fresh Connection.  “This game brings the S&OP process alive.  Managers experience first-hand how to make optimal chain-wide decisions,” summarises Wiskerke.
It was a conscious decision to include several HR managers and even a legal expert among the 30 participants, explains Wiskerke.  “In order to be effective sparring partners, they also need to have an understanding of these kinds of processes.”
The objective – to improve awareness of the necessity to collaborate – was accomplished successfully, despite, or perhaps because of, the exercise lasting only half a day.
The rapid feedback on the scores served to intensify participants’ motivation levels, which were already high thanks to the game’s competitive element.
“People still talk about it,” says Wiskerke, who is now considering setting up an internal competition for middle management.  “If they too understand the wider picture, the implementation of the S&OP process will run even more smoothly.”
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