Our Stay Connected events happen once a month and is a chance for supply chain professionals to visit other facilities and learn from their methods. We get to meet leadership in these companies and then end with a networking happy hour. Join us for the education as well as the fun!

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Recap of August's Stay Connected: Woodward

We had a chance to see some of the innovative ways Woodward has continued to apply lean concepts to not only the manufacturing processes but also the building design, the layout design, and workflow... Read more!


Recap of Junes's Stay Connected: Cargill Metals

APICS NoCo toured Cargill Metals in June and we were blown away by their dedication to safety, persistence on continuous improvement, and a go-getter mentality. They empower everyone in their facility to make changes, try new ideas, and improve the culture... Read more!

Recap of May's Stay Connected: Partner Event with Institute for Supply Management

For our May Stay Connected event, APICS NoCo teamed up with our partner organization, ISM, at the Aquarium in Denver for an excellent presentation on new trends in logistics ... Read more!


An Excellent Tour at April's Stay Connected Event at Industrial Battery Service

They are taking batteries to the next level! Our tour guides Dave Antikainen, the founder of the company, Rick Jorgenson, IBS Plus Shop Manager, and Gary Somenek, IBS Plus Shop Sales Manager, gave us an in-depth look ... Read more!

SVI Trucks Put On a Spectacular Tour for Our APICS NOCO Crew

Our tour guide, Bob Sorenson the VP of SVI Trucks, gave us a tour through the entire facility where we got the opportunity to play on some fire trucks, check out their machine shop, shuffle through the dust of their foundry, and see their monster paint booth in action. Read the full event recap...



Carefree Colorado Hosts Our January SC Event

Starting the year off, we toured the facility of Carefree of Colorad, an excellent tour of a company driving excellence in every aspect of their manufacturing process. Read our event recap...