Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA) Currently Available for Undergrad Students

This program is ideal for:

1. Those just getting started in the field of supply chain management.

2. Anyone that comes into contact with customers or suppliers.

3. Anyone that impacts the flow of materials or information.

4. Those that will be part of improvement initiatives such as creating a lean supply chain or implementing an ERP system.

Our certification preparation course includes:

1. 21 hours of classroom instruction led by an experienced supply chain management expert.

2. A study guide with all the slides and exercises.

3. Reprints of selected articles on the most relevant topics.

4. 1 hour of classroom review up to 2 hours for the certification exam.

Supply Chain Areas Covered in the CSCA Workshop & Exam:

Session-01:    Supply Chain Overview

Session-02:    Strategy 

Session-03:    Framework for Discussion

Session-04:    Fundamental Issues

Session-05:    Aggregate Planning

Session-06:    Role of Inventory in the Supply Chain

Session-07:    Material Requirement Planning

Session-08:    Sourcing

Session-09:    Purchasing

Session-10:    Manufacturing

Session-11:    Transportation

Session-13:    Sales Order Fulfillment

Session-14:    Lean and Continuous Improvement Tools

Session-15:    Sustainability

Session-16:    Team Dynamics

APICS NoCo CSCA program is eligible for Colorado's Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funding. Contact your local WFC office for details.

Upcoming education classes are listed below. Please contact VSM.CSCA@apicsnoco.org for more information.